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How to Pay MBPJ Summon Online MBPJ 网上汇款的方式

How to pay your MBPJ summon through online? 这篇简单说明一下如何在MBPJ网上为你的Summon罚款付款:-

Step 1: 申请户口 Register Online MBPJ

Step 2: After register, Login to MBPJ page 申请MBPJ户口后就可以Login了

After login, you will enter this page. Select "ePay@MBPJ

This is the page for Pay MBPJ bill or summon online;-

Now, click via follow the number below to find your kompoun or summon

1. Carian = Find/Locate A Bill
2. Kemudahan = Option select "Kompaun Trafik & Pelbagai (Traffic Summon and Many)"

If you know the Kompaun reference number, insert it and click "Cari (Find)" and you will find something like below

Click "Daftar ke Akaun (Register into Account)" then at the "Akaun Berdaftar (Account Registered)" select "Kompaun"

Click "Tambah di Senarai (Add into List)". Now you are ready to pay for the summon, click the "Bayaran (Payment)" below and select the bill you would like to pay:-

MBPJ Payment Page

Its only Credit Card can use for this MBPJ payment (I think)

After click Kad Kredit, you will come to this page:-
Payment Option

Payment Processing page

Payment processing, then you will see this message like below:-

Payment Pending status at MBPJ

Now, to check your payment status, click "Rekod Transaksi (Transaction Record)" and you can find your receipt from here:-

Payment MBPJ Succed
MBPJ Summon
Receipt sample MBPJ

Note: **Berjaya means payment has been paid Successfully :)



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